Oh, so I missed last week’s blog post for the first time – no creative blog post at all. Useless. Utterly useless. Though to be fair, I had a very very busy week and did actually decide what I was going to do, but then realised that if I was going to go through my Oscar predictions then I would have to wait for the results to see how right I was. And they only happened on Sunday. So that’s all my excuses.

Anyway, that pointless ramble on, here’s the world’s 29,851st interesting take on the Oscar results.

Best original screenplay: I predicted: American Hustle. The winner was: Her. [WRONG]

Best adapted screenplay: I predicted: 12 Years a Slave. The winner was: 12 Years a Slave. [CORRECT!]

Best supporting actor: I predicted: Jared Leto. The winner was: Jared Leto. [CORRECT!]

Best supporting actress: I predicted: Lupita N’yongo. The winner was: Lupita N’yongo. [CORRECT!]

Best animated feature: I predicted: Frozen. The winner was: Frozen. [CORRECT!]

Best director: I predicted: Steve McQueen. The winner was: Alfonso Cuaron. [WRONG]

Best actor: I predicted: Matthew McConaghey. The winner was: Matthew McConaghey. [CORRECT!]

Best actress: I predicted: Cate Blanchett. The winner was: Cate Blanchett. [CORRECT!]

Best film: I predicted: 12 Years a Slave. The winner was: 12 Years a Slave. [CORRECT!]

So hey, I’m pretty damn pleased with that – I should have guessed Cuaron instead of Steve McQueen, but I wasn’t expecting Her, and most importantly I got all the actors and best film correct. 7/9

Just for comparison, I’ve checked against the Empire magazine staff predictions, and I beat the Editor-in-Chief: http://www.empireonline.com/features/oscar-2014-predictions-empire


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