It’s been a while since I did any serious writing (and by serious, I mean amateurish and useless, not in any way professional) but I feel, what with it being a brand new year and everything, that now is the time to start again. (THIS IS WHAT NEW YEARS ARE FOR RIGHT? To give me a time to have a vain half hearted attempt to make a fresh start!) Anyway I would really like to get into writing properly, and so here is this blog. Starting a blog is all the rage at the moment, I knows about ten people with one, all variations do the same thing that I inevitably read and then am not sure why. But to save my friends and vague acquaintances on Facebook that annoying waste of time I am not going to post about it – because I’m not doing this for attention. Yes – I get that that is probably hard to stomach (I’m writing of course on the world’s launch pad, the Internet) but I am honestly not. It’s a challenge to myself, basically. This is a new year and it will have 52 weeks in it – I plan to write a blog post in every single one. As a bloke with the willpower of a lethargic squirrel, (evidence: I have tried this before, and failed. Twice) this is more challenging for me than you’d expect, but I will endeavour to try. If you’d like to watch me try and fail, please feel free to check back – in 2 weeks time should do it.

Saying all that is of course all very well and good but no blog is going to be any good whatsoever if it doesn’t even hold my interest, and so I probably need a theme that I will keep coming back to. What? Question of the year, that (probably a premature award, it’s only January 4th). My life, is, sadly, far too boring a subject, and I spend most of my time living it anyway so I don’t feel the need to write about it. I don’t cook or do interesting sports and I don’t have a major year challenge to complete (except this blog, but then I can envisage that if I blogged about blogging every blog post would end up very meta and quite boring). I am interested in politics and films and tennis but I do not want to offer the world a twenty seven millionth review of Hunger Games 2 or a complaint about how shit the government are or my personal take on Andy Murray’s back problems – because frankly I can’t guarantee I would be interested every week.

But perhaps I could alternate between a few of those things – would that work? Possibly. But then again possibly not. I don’t know. It’s a bit of a stupid challenge really. Or is it? I’ve always admired the skill and dedication of a diarist or someone with a long term goal, but never really managed to get into that category. Maybe now is the time – I want to be more creative in 2014, with a blog post every week, and maybe that should be my theme. I can write anything, political, topical, critical, cultural, funny or fictional, but I just should try and make it creative.

Worth a shot, I say.

Here’s to 2014, and imminent failure!



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