Happy New Year! Welcome to my blog, and please excuse the name (I literally had no ideas). As part of a New Years Resolution I was planning on keeping a diary, but that sounded quite dull and lonesome, plus my life isn’t all that interesting all the time. (Who wants to read “WATCHED TV AND ATE CAKE” every single Saturday?) So I decided a more manageable idea would be to write a blog, and update it at least once a week. This should be possible, and if it’s not, then FOR GOODNESS SAKE SORT YOUR LIFE OUT THIS SHOULD BE POSSIBLE.

It would be good to start with a mission statement, or an idea for the blog, what it is about etc, but as of yet I am not sure quite sure where this is leading (probably nowhere, considering my amazing willpower and perseverance), so there’s no point deciding on a theme. Besides, I don’t want to be the 91536th blog about films (Hobbit was well long, btw) analysing 48fps as though there is something other people hadn’t known about it. And I’m not writing about my exercise regime or a book that I’ve read because in the first case, there is none, and in the second case, you don’t want to read about reading.

So let’s say, for now – and this is gonna last a year (unlikely) and it’s January 1st – that this is just the random writings and thoughts of someone who isn’t a rhino.

Best wishes,

Casual Rhino


Here’s a pair of rhinos, and I am NEITHER of them. Copyright reserved.


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